Welcome to the Forum for Jewish Leadership

The Forum for Jewish Leadership (FJL) is dedicated to identifying, inspiring and training a new generation of intelligent young Jews, providing them the skills and confidence to be effective, committed leaders of the Jewish community and beyond.

Our range of courses and programmes provide an in-depth understanding of the theory and practice of Jewish leadership as well as Jewish perspectives on a host of legal, political and social issues associated with the modern world.

Our leadership team is comprised of our Honorary President, Emeritus Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, Vice President Rabbi Naftali Schiff and our trustees - Dr. Asher Steene and Rabbi Daniel Rowe.

While there are many British Jews in positions of responsibility and prominence in the UK, only a handful are involved seriously at a communal level. FJL is playing an essential role in nurturing the next generation of Jewish leaders needed to strengthen our institutions and address important challenges.
Jamie Black, pro-Israel activist
Cambridge Graduate
Alumnus of the Washington Internship

What We Believe

FJL believes;

  • In the significance of Jewish ideas applied to all areas of contemporary living whether in the fields of ethics, law or effective leadership.
  • That engaging the most talented and ambitious young Jews is key to cultivating a strong and dedicated leadership base.
  • That this level of engagement can only be achieved by offering highly attractive and relevant courses and programmes, that combine meaningful content, mentoring and network opportunities.
  • In my own position of responsibility as JCR President of my Oxford college, I tried to apply lessons that I have learned from FJL's programmes. I may never have developed a strong interest in Judaism had it not been for FJL.
    James Fox Oxford Graduate
    Harvard Law School
    Barrister specialising in Commercial Law
    Alumnus of the Washington Internship

    Activity Worldwide

    FJL partners with Jewish communities across the globe forging an international network of hard working and determined young Jews.

    As well as our flagship internship programmes, we have a committed alumni base which provide a wealth of experience, connections and opportunities to help young Jews achieve their potential. FJL staff, together with their partners, offer regular events and programmes to continue the exposure and inspiration to engage further.

    The FJL programme not only showed me how symbiotic the relationship between the political context and Jewish leadership can be, but it also affected me personally to want to embrace these ideas and act on them.
    Daniella Lebor
    Cambridge Graduate
    Associate Director at APCO Worldwide, New York
    Alumnus of the Washington Internship